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20. Maresch-Johns-Konzert

Sunday, 24.04.2022 11:00

University of Music and Performing Arts Graz MUMUTH Probenraum Lichtenfelsgasse 14 8010 Graz

In memoriam of Uli Rennert (*1960 †2021)

Benefit concert in aid of the typhoon victims in the Philippines

Jörg-Martin Willnauer moderation & chansons
Andreas Woyke piano
Helmut Iberer piano
Hannes Moscher violin
Heinz Moser violoncello
Aima Maria Labra-Makk piano
Peter Kunsek clarinet
Klemens Pliem sax
Markus Koropp piano
Renato Deligiannidis piano
Anton Bashynskyi piano
Manfred Tausch piano
Janna Polyzoides piano

Donations requested