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9. Maresch-Johns-Concert 2009, Benefit Concert Graz

Sunday, 19.04.2009 10:30

Musikuniversität, Neubau, Aula, Brandhofgasse 21, 8010 Graz

… on 176 keys and 4 strings …  

4, 6, 8, … hands … Classic, Jazz, Tango, Cabaret, Chanson, ..


Amy Marcy Cheney BEACH

Margaret GARWOOD



Valse IV F major op. 8

Katy-dids G major op. 47 No. 4

March for piano four hands

Claudia MICHELETTI, piano
Janna POLYZOIDES, piano

Paganini-Variations for two pianos

Aima Maria LABRA MAKK, piano
Janna POLYZOIDES, piano


Michele SPELLUCCI, violoncello
Marianke GROOTJANS, piano
Bernhard LUDESCHER, piano
Uli RENNERT, piano
Andreas WOYKE, piano
Helmut IBERER, piano
Aris FESLIKIDIS, piano
Jörg-Martin WILLNAUER, chansons
Simona SOLCE, piano
Almira EMIRI, piano

Fabio KAISER, Sound engineer (Live recording) and Mastering
Florian PAUSCH, Sound engineer (Live recording)

Benefit Concert

Admission free, donations are welcome!