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Broadcast, The pianist Janna Polyzoides and her engagement for the New Music

Monday, 06.10.2008 23:05

ORF Ö1, Zeitton

Thomas Heinisch qeer
From "Cinq Après-ludes"  No. III
Christian Ofenbauer Piano concert

Robert Höldrich

for violin, viola and piano

Helmut Eder From the piano quintet
4th movement
Klaus Johns El diablo suelto y su muerte
for clarinet, violin, viola and violoncello

Doppelquartett 1st mov.
for 2 violins, 2 violas, 2 violoncelli and piano four hands

Radio Symphony Orchestra Vienna
Wolfgang BOZIC, conductor
Ludwig MÜLLER, violin
Martin TUKSA, violin
Georg HAMANN, viola
Christophe PANTILLON, violoncello
Benjamin REISSENBERGER, clarinet
Christos POLYZOIDES, violin
Margherita MARSEGLIA, violin
Dimitrios POLISOIDIS, violin & viola
Demetrius POLYZOIDES, viola
Leonhard BARTUSSEK, violoncello
Martin HORNSTEIN, violoncello
Janna POLYZOIDES, piano

Wolfgang DANZMAYR, presentation