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Hermann Markus Preßl – Das heilige Nicht-Nichts

Friday, 30.05.2014 20:00

Stockwerk, Jakominiplatz 8, 8010 Graz

Hermann Markus Preßl La chanson de Roland (1982)
for voice and piano/celesta

for percussion, double bass and piano

Für Elise nicht, für Janna (1982)
for piano solo

YLOP – A game for violin solo (1992) for Christos Polyzoides

79 Sonate (for the KP) for Katherina Polyzoides-Sourvali
for piano solo

N. N. 59 oder "Der Ortsverlasser" (1992)
for harpsichord and organ

Fier Fafeln für fier Fiolen (1994)
for four violas

Annemarie ZELLER, voice
Gerhard ZELLER, piano/celesta
Simon STEIDL, percussion
Sebastian RASTL, double bass
Heimo PUSCHNIGG, piano
Klaus LANG, organ
Emanuel SCHMELZER-ZIRINGER, harpsichord
Christian MARSHALL, viola
Anna SABELFELD, viola
Wolfgang STANGL, viola
Hermann RASTL, reading
Christos POLYZOIDES, violin
Janna POLYZOIDES, piano

Organisation: Wolfgang HATTINGER, Sebastian RASTL and Peter LACKNER

Tickets 4,- and 7,- EUR
Tel. +43 316 821 433