Arcus Ensemble Vienna

Erich Oskar HUETTER violoncello
Andreas SCHABLAS clarinet
Janna POLYZOIDES piano

After long years of friendship the three well known styrian artists Andreas Schablas (clarinet) and Erich Oskar Huetter (violoncello) and Janna Polyzoides (piano) in 2003 decided to form the Arcus Ensemble Vienna. Since then the trio has set a benchmark as THE Austrian ensemble combining those three instruments.

Meanwhile the Arcus Ensemble Vienna has gained an outstanding reputation for exciting performances of the clarinet-violoncello-piano repertoire. After long periods of intensive studies with the 2009 deceased cellist Martin Hornstein amongst others the trio has given its début at the Vienna Musikverein in autumn 2007. Besides the classical trio literature, the ensemble studies intensively works of contemporary chamber music. Performances with guest artists are also given on a regular basis. Renowned festivals frequently invite the Arcus Ensemble Vienna for guest performances.

During their concert-tours the ensemble has been invited to Poland (Royal Castle), Israel (Festival „Sounding Jerusalem“), Italy (Biblioteca Ambrosiana Milano) and China (Jin Mao Concert Hall Shanghai). In Austria the Ensemble performed amongst others at the Music Summer Bad Schallerbach, Castle Gleinstätten, Styrian Chamber Music Festival, Franz Schmidt Tage Vienna, Festival „Zeitklänge“ Feldkirch, „Aspekte“ Salzburg, Mattseer Diabelli-Summer, Brahmsfest Mürzzuschlag, Eggenberger Schlosskonzerte Graz and Vienna Musikverein (Martinu-Cycle and Spring Festival).

In December 2007 the first CD appeared in the formation clarinet, violoncello and piano with works by Alexander Zemlinsky, Carl Frühling und Johannes Brahms. This recording of Viennese Late Romantic works documents the highlights of the Arcus Ensembles Vienna’s current repertoire. In 2012 a CD (NEOS) with works of the famous contemporary composer Friedrich Cerha has been released, including the trio “Five pieces” for clarinet, violoncello and piano  composed in the year 2000.


Ludwig van BEETHOVEN
Trio b flat major (“The Gassenhauer”), op. 11 for piano, clarinet and cello

Ferdinand RIES
Trio b flat major op. 28 for piano, clarinet and cello

8 pieces for piano, clarinet and cello (or viola) op. 83

Michail GLINKA
Trio Pathétique d minor for piano, clarinet and cello

Trio a minor op. 40 for piano, clarinet (or violin) and cello

Trio d minor op. 3 for piano, clarinet and cello

Johannes BRAHMS
Trio a minor op. 114 for piano, clarinet (or viola) and cello

4 Trio-Miniaturen for clarinet, cello and piano

Trio (1937) for clarinet, cello and piano

7 Balkan Dances for clarinet, cello and piano

Friedrich CERHA
Five Pieces (1999-2000) for cello, clarinet and piano

Gabriele COSMI
Trio No. 2 (2016)
dedicated to the Arcus Ensemble Vienna

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