Portrait Hermann Markus Preßl

Concert, Dance, Installation

N.N./1 (1985–1988) for piano solo 180′
Asralda (1982) for voices and instruments 20′
YLOP (A/7) (1992) for violine solo 13′
LET-IT (1993) for violine solo
6,2044844017·10²³ (1970–1974) for violine solo 15′
Liegenlied (1986) for voice and piano 45′
PLEXUS (1990–1992) for violin and piano 15′
Für Elise nicht, für Janna (1982) for piano solo 4′
Traumgekrönt (1970–1974) for womens choir and instruments 9′
So ist das Leben – ein Continuum (1981) for flute, oboe and harpsichoro 8′
Ronde 1 (1976–1979) for soprano- and bass-flute, siren and ratched 10′
Ronde 1 (1976–1979) for sopran- and bassflute, siren and ratched 10′
Furni (1993) for 16 voices 7′
Draufgåb [I, du, all meine Gspån] 15′

Vocalforum Graz
Franz M. Herzog choir direction
Demetrius Polyzoides violin
Janna Polyzoides piano
Harald Hieronymus Hein voice
Markus Koropp piano
Franz Zebinger harpsichord
Franziska Forbecini fluto
Anna Eiberger oboe
Katharina Lugmayr bass flute, voice
Eva-Maria Schaller dance
Alba Rastl costumes
Anna Resch production assistent
Wendelin Pressl Restauration and supervision of the sculptures and objects
Willi Dorner Concept, artistic director

25 € standing room only (discounts < 27 and Ö1)
5 € with Festivalpass
Limited space capacity